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The Kline Family

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oshua Schwartz’s wife Elizabethdied in childbirth in 1883, leaving their two young daughters and infant son without maternal support, and so Joshua made Eliza Kline his second wife in 1884. Eliza had been already married twice: Once to boat builder Benjamin McLaughlin of Lunenburg in 1864 and again in 1873 to James David Hall, a carpenter. At the time of her marriage to Joshua, she had one adult daughter by her first husband and six young children by her second. With a total of ten young mouths to feed, it was difficult for Joshua and Eliza to support all of them, and Eliza convinced Joshua to farm out his two daughters, May and Lottie to help in their support.

Eliza Kline McLaughlin Hall Schwartz is buried with her daughter Annie and her husband Harris James Demone. Buried with them, Eliza's other son Bernard. 

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