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Charles Everett Wainwright

Topsfield, MA 01983

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Personal Statement

My career has thus far focused on the Information Technology industry, and I have benefited greatly by participating in its evolution.  I am currently interested in formalizing my credentials in history.  My vision is to teach local history at the college level.

Employment History

Management Consultant CSC, Falls Church, VA                                                   1992-Present
Dreamweaver, MS Office, ASG Visual Process, Camtasia, Audacity, Skillsoft, IBM Notes, MS Project

  • 2005-present, Corporate Catalyst Program,        CSC Falls Church, VA.
    • Launched the Catalyst Virtual Academy (CVA), a learning program that delivers courses to CSC staff live over the Internet.  Since its inception, CVA has provided classroom and virtual learning to over 34,000 CSC staff in 43 countries using over 200 volunteer instructors.
    • Participated in the development and update of the Catalyst Knowledge Center (CKC), CSC's best-practice knowledge management repository. 
    • Developed a Practice Guide that aligns CSC Catalyst change management with the Accelerated Implementation Method (AIM) from Implementation Management Associates (IMA).
    • Engaged in a Delivery Assurance audit of a major reengineering effort at the National Health Service in UK and India.
    • Delivered training and presentations on CSC best practices to approximately 300 staff at CSC's offices in Kuala Lampur, Malaysia and Singapore.
    • Provided training and presentations on CSC best practices to approximately 100 staff at CSC's offices in São Paulo and Rio di Janeiro, Brazil.
    • Mapped CSC Catalyst to Information Technology Infrastructure Library (ITIL) V3 and ITIL 2011 process framework standards.
    • Participated in the creation of project management and architecture competency development paths for CSC staff.  CVA training is a key component.
    • Established Professional Development Unit (PDU) accreditation for several Catalyst Virtual Academy courses with the Project Management Institute's (PMI) Project Management Professional (PMP) certification program.
    • Participated in CSC's Technology and Business Solutions Conference annually since 2005.
    • Participated in CSC's Annual Sales Conference annually since 2008.
    • Assisting in the design of Next Generation Catalyst, a migration of Catalyst from the Visual Process tool to Eclipse Process Framework/IBM Rational Method composer.


  • 1996-2005, IT Capability Improvement Practice, CSC, Falls Church, VA
    • Consulting Assignment at the Internal Revenue Service to support Enterprise Life Cycle (ELC).
      • Tailored CSC Catalyst (as ELC) to support an agency-wide re-engineering program.
      • Developed and delivered ELC training to approximately 1200 CSC and IRS staff.  
      • Developed a practice guide for the IRS  for transitioning newly developed application components to production.
    • Engaged in global client assignments/proposals, involving process consulting, delivery assurance and Catalyst licensing.
    • Trained CSC staff as needed in CSC's best practices.
    • Delivered SAP Customer Relationship Management (CRM) training to over 350 CSC Business Developers, Account Managers and senior executives.
  • 1992-1996, CSC National Consulting Practice, CSC, Waltham MA
    • Responsible for the global deployment of CSC Catalystsm, a best-practice, life cycle knowledge framework that guides all engagements conducted for CSC’s clients.   
      • Introduced CSC Catalyst to staff and clients located in US, Europe and Australia through training, coaching and mentoring of CSC's consultants.
      • Delivered the first ever CSC Catalyst classroom training to 80 CSC Consultants in Sydney Australia. 
      • Toured Australian projects and business offices every year from 1993-1996 to deliver presentations on CSC's latest best practices.
      • Organized and managed a global CSC Catalyst Deployment team, consisting of about 35 representatives from all CSC Business Units in countries where CSC had offices.
      • Assessed CSC Catalyst utilization throughout Europe, including visits to licensees and client sites.
      • Participated as a presenter at CSC's Technology and Business Solutions conference annually from 1992 to 1996.
      • Delivered training to newly outsourced IT staff as needed.


Management Consultant  Constell Group, Southborough, MA                                 1991-1992
IBM S370, IBM PC, MS Windows, COBOL

    • Consulted on a major application re-engineering engagement initiated by NYNEX (now Verizon) to replace its customer billing system.

Management Consultant  Advanced Development Methods, Lexington, MA          1989-1991
Excelerator, IBM PC MS-DOS, MS Windows

    • Consulted with and trained clients using ADM's proprietary project lifecycle methodology called Methods and Tools Expert (MATE).   

Application Development Manager            Saddlebrook Corp., Cambridge, MA                 1978-1989
Digital PDP 11/70 RSX-11M+ TRAX-11, VAX 11/780 VMS, COBOL

    • Managed the design, development and deployment of an online Mortgage Loan Accounting system using the TRAX-11 Transaction Processing System. 
    • Participated in sales calls and proposal efforts.
    • Engaged (at the request of Digital Equipment Corporation) with a major insurance company in Amsterdam, Holland as a consulting subject matter expert on Digital TRAX-11 Transaction Processing system.
    • Managed the Design and development of an online Banking Floor product for U.S. and international clients built on VAX-11 hardware. 

Senior Application Designer Boston 5 Cent Savings Bank, Boston, MA                     1975-1978
Honeywell 6000 IDS, TDS, COBOL      

    • Designed and implemented a commercially saleable Banking Floor application for the thrift savings industry in partnership with Honeywell Information Systems.
    • Managed the design of a Mortgage Loan Accounting component of the Banking floor application.

Senior Programmer Analyst R.E. Moll Associates, Boston, MA            1974-1975
Burroughs B500, B4700, COBOL

    • Managed the design, implementation and deployment of an installment loan accounting product for client banks.
    • Participated in sales presentations and client proposals.

Programmer Analyst          Middlesex County National Bank, Everett, MA               1970-1974
IBM System 360 25, System-370 145, DOS, Basic Assembler, COBOL

    • Maintained Commercial, Mortgage, and Consumer Loan accounting applications. 

Evening School Instructor,               ECPI, Boston, MA                                                                    1973
Univac 9200, BAL, RPG, COBOL

    • Taught EDP Basics, Basic Assembler Language, COBOL, RPG and FORTRAN.          

Community Activities


  • Wrote and privately printed a genealogy "The Wainwright Family of Essex County Massachusetts" profiling the vital records and biography for approximately 15,000 individuals living in the 13th to the 20th centuries. 

Web Site Development and Management

            Archives and Records Management

  • Helped launch the Beverly Archives Project (BAP), dedicated to the preservation of documents and records owned by its member institutions.  Served from 2009 to 2010, as the BAP Chair.
  • Provided archival research assistance to the authors of the following books (acknowledged in the book):
  • William W. Cressey, "The Life and Times of Pemberton Hale Cressey 1872-1920" (Sea Cliff, NY, William W Cressey, 2002).
  • Lenice U. Strohmeier, "Mingo" (New York, Marshall Cavendish, 2003),
  • Robert Gregory, "Sober Consent of the Heart:  the Bowdoin Chapel Messages of its First President, Joseph McKeen, DD, Delivered 1802-1806" (Damariscotta ME, Rocky Hill Publishing, 2011).
  • Managed a formal archival records survey at First Parish Church in Beverly, using a professional archivist in preparation for record preservation and housing activities. 
  • Wrote and received approval of a policy detailing the mechanisms of accession, de-accession, access to, and handling of the First Parish Church's archival records.
  • Indexed and photographed volume 2 of the First Parish Church records, covering the period from 1772 to 1803, and created a computerized Microsoft Access database. 
  • Catalogued the First Parish Church archives and relocated them to a dedicated space, more insulated from excessive moisture and temperature. 
  • Evaluated, documented and processed each of 6,000 records in the First Parish Church archives.
  • Developed a computerized finding aid database, using Microsoft Access, for the archival records of the Church. 
  • Participated in the production of an instructional video for BAP directed at Beverly residents on what to do with old boxes of family archives.
  • Wrote a paper “On the Beverly Church Silver” using the First Parish archives as a primary source.


Salem State UniversitySalem, MA                                                                        2010-Present
Currently enrolled in the Bachelor of Arts degree program in History with Public Option.
Northeastern University, Boston, MA                                                                        1971-1987
Completed 9 credits of coursework in Statistics, Psychology, and PROLOG Programming.
Bryant & Stratton Junior College of Business, Boston, MA                                                  1968-1970
Certificate in Scientific Data Processing, Dean's list. 



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